What makes good television?

The key to producing good television ads is to ensure that they are compelling and memorable. TV allows us to tell a story visually. This story, your message, should tug at the audience's emotions and motivate them to support you – or to oppose your adversaries. We provide expert talent in producing your ads.

Television is often the primary means for reaching voters. With so much riding on the few spots a campaign will air, getting them right the first time is essential.

Media placement

Producing a TV spot is one thing, but knowing how to reach your audience can make the difference between winning a close election and blowing it.

Resources are scarce in political campaigns. Gorton Blair Biggs will use its collective expertise and experience in deciding how to best structure an advertising schedule in order to reach the appropriate demographic groups.

Knowing how to read and interpret TV ratings on broadcast and cable television is a skill we have honed, and will work to your advantage in helping you get elected.

Additionally, we will negotiate the best possible price and placement time for your campaign spots.

We all know that television is a powerful tool for making a connection with your target audience. But how much is enough? Repetition is the key, but this can cost two different prices, one higher and one lower.

For example, it may be effective to concentrate your message to nighttime viewers from 4:00 p.m. to midnight on a number of different channels or programs. Yet the same amount of money you spend for advertising in that time slot could produce the same or even higher frequency, or viewings, per audience member by switching up one station for two other less expensive channels during different segments of the day.

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