The core of our work is designing the blueprint for a campaign, whether for a political candidate, ballot measure or corporation, from start to finish.

What does this involve?

Through in-depth studies of the issues surrounding a specific campaign and the geographic areas affected, plus drawing on our many years of experience in the public arena, we craft a solid message that will put together a winning coalition for success.

Once the message has been tested and agreed upon, the job of Gorton Blair Biggs is to communicate that message through available contact tools: television, radio, direct mail, the Internet and earned media.

Keeping in mind budgetary needs, we decide on the most effective tools to use in order to best spread our client's message for achieving the best results.

The message can be greatly enhanced through focused, creative, high-quality work. A TV ad with better production value, for example, will require fewer dollars to make the same impact.

This is the difference between professionals – and the rest.